Show a Lil Ass, Get Free Undies

Want to get free sexy underwear and publicity? Of course you do so here’s your chance: Get a $20 ADONIS e-gift card for each NSFW image and video we upload to our OnlyFans account. Let's be honest, you already have sexy content stored in your phone gallery so why not benefit from them? 

How does it work?

It’s simple, send us your hottest images and videos and if they're approved, we'll upload them to our new, official Adonis by Kyhry OnlyFans account.

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What type of images and videos can I submit for consideration?

Anything. You can be fully nude or crop out your face. We just have 1 rule: Your images or videos must somehow feature one of our styles so be creative. 

FYI—Our OnlyFans account contains exclusive and unpublished NSFW images and videos of guys in Adonis Underwear. 

How will I get my $20 ADONIS gift card?

We'll email you a $20 ADONIS e-gift card for every approved image or video we upload to our OnlyFans account. You will be notified via email if your content has been approved prior to us uploading any of your photos or videos to our OnlyFans account.

Okay, I’m in. How do I send my content for review?

Complete and submit the short form below.


  • Christopher L Galloway

    I absolutely love Adonis underwear… I have several pair of jock strap.. and they fit and wear very well…. looking forward to ordering more and looking forward to new styles..

  • Khaye

    I love Adonis underwear will be a great thing to win a gift voucher

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