6 sexy men’s underwear styles that will make you love yourself and feel COZY (just like Beyonce said herself)

If you’re looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom or just haven’t been feeling yourself lately, maybe it's time to turn up the heat. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one feeling that in-between summer and Christmas, mid-year slump - when the temperatures start dropping and the days begin to get shorter. 

While fall is a beautiful time of the year and a Pumpkin Spiced Latte can cheer most people up, sometimes you need a bit more TLC (and we don’t mean only from the people around you, but most importantly from ourselves). And if there’s one thing Beyonce’s fire album ‘Renaissance’ has taught us is to love ourselves every single fu*****g day. 

But if listening to “cozy” on repeat while ‘dancin’ in the mirror’ isn’t getting your juices flowing enough, maybe some sexy underwear is just what you need. 

Here are 6 irresistible underwear styles that are sure to get you back in the game and feel yourself all over again.

X Black Jock: If your booty has been feeling a bit lonely of late, maybe our sexy X Black Jock is just what it needs. Designed to enhance your entire package and give it all the attention it supports and deserves, this sexy criss-cross X jockstrap features a stylish new rendition of our classic bold Adonis embossed waistband and a soft contoured pouch to keep all the goods in place. Perfect for selfies or just some fun-time in the bedroom, this bad boy is sure to spice things up and leave you feeling ‘confident and lethal’.

Double Strap Red Jock: They say red has the power to make you feel undeniably sexy and gives off the impression that you’re passionate and ready for some loveee. So whether you’re trying to impress your partner by turning up the heat or just looking for a new way to feel yourself, this sexy Double Strap Red Jock is here to spice up the day. Designed to make sure you look irresistible from every angle, this style has a super-soft contoured pouch for the most comfortable wearing experience. So turn down the lights, light a few candles and get ready to feel yourself like never before in this Double Strap Red Jock.

Luxe Black Brief: If you’re not feeling adventurous and just in the mood to lie low on the couch and get comfortable, then it's time to put on this Luxe Black Brief, make a bowl of popcorn, watch some netflix and chill… *drumroll* Our crowd favorite - the Luxe Black Brief is back, and this time it comes with a sexier upgrade. Because even if you’re just lying low and watching some TV, there’s no harm in feeling a little bit sexy while you’re at it (especially if you have company 😏. With a stunning gold embossed Adonis waistband, this luxe mesh style is here to keep you feeling cool and comfortable in your skin while giving your cheeks all the attention and love they deserve. 

Superhero Blue & Yellow Jock: Nothing screams “I’m a god, I’m a hero” much like this bright Yellow and Blue Superhero Jock. Here to make all your superhero dreams come true, this saucy, high-contrast jock features our wide Adonis waistband for the perfect body contouring fit. Sure to get all eyes on you, on the gram or IRL, this style comes with a soft contoured pouch for your package and wide leg straps for extra support and comfort. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to save the day in this bold Blue & Yellow Jock and be your own hero. 

Sky Blue Thong: Cool and at ease, our stunning Sky Blue Thong is here to take all your worries away. Perfect for when you’re looking to brighten up a gloomy day, this thong is as cool and comfortable as it is stylish and sexy. So if you’ve “Been down, been up, been broke, broke down and bounced back”, it’s time to channel your inner Bey and put on this sexy Sky Blue Thong. With a wide Y-back design for extra comfort and no VBL (visible brief line), take this one for a ride even on the darkest and dreariest days, and be sure to end the day feeling calm, relaxed and undeniably sexy. 

X Nude Jock: What better way to feel cozy in your skin than in a Nude Jock that not only makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, but also looks like it. Designed to enhance your ASSets, our much loved criss-cross jock is raw, naked and sexier than ever before. With a sleek nude on white logo waistband and a soft contoured pouch to keep the package in place, get your hands on this nude limited edition bad-boy before it's too late. Because like Bey says, “unique is what you are. You swaggy and that’s how God made you.”

So there you have it, our round up of the 6 sexiest underwear styles to make sure you feel cozy and comfortable in your skin every 👏🏽single 👏🏽fu*****g 👏🏽day. 

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