It’s time to be empowered and feel confident.

Since launching in May 2015, Adonis by Kyhry has become a well-known and trusted designer underwear brand with an unbeatable reputation.

Our vision was built on creating something that not only looked good but also empowered and boosted confidence. Adonis by Kyhry is comfortable, sexy, and stylish which is why we’ve become one of the most in-demand mens underwear brands out there. Worn by some of the most influential and stylistic celebrities, including Milan Christopher, Adonis by Kyhry has well and truly earnt its 5-star reputation. Don’t believe it? Let our 1000+ positive reviews (and counting) do the talking.

“There’s a lot of brands out there for women to make them feel sexy. I feel like men don’t have that. We want to show men just how sexy, confident and desirable they can feel by wearing our underwear.” - Kyhry

So, what can you expect from your next pair of men’s briefs, boxer trunks, or jockstrap? Quality, confidence, comfort and an affordable price tag. Your pair of Adonis underwear will make you look and feel sexy without ever sacrificing comfort and it won’t cost you an arm and leg in the process either. Not only that, but every single style is created with the highest quality fabrics so you know they’re made to last.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our male underwear available in boxer trunks, briefs, and jockstraps, or just view our full section – you never know, you might just find some limited edition underwear in stock too.

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