Introducing Our Sexiest & First Ever Men’s Thongs

You asked and we listened. We’re always silently watching and closely listening so that we’re able to offer you the most thoughtfully designed men’s underwear on the planet.

You, our loyal #AdonisHotBoySquad lie at the forefront of all our decisions at Adonis. So really - all you have to do is ask for something, and we promise we will try our best to find a way to give you what you’re looking for.

So…. (drumroll please) the wait is finally over. Introducing our first ever and of-course sexiest, men’s thongs! Designed to give your booty all the attention it deserves, our luxurious, light-weight thongs are here to make you feel sexy and desirable. 

We decided to turn things up a notch on the sexy meter and make them out of a sheer and net mesh fabric. So, it really doesn’t get any sexier than this. With a sleek black-on-black embossed logo waistband and mesh design in black or fiery orange (depending on how daring you’re feeling), these thongs will have you feeling comfortable, free, and of-course sexy all through summer. 

3 Reasons Why You Need Our Thongs in Your Life


They provide a cool, airy feeling down there

We all know too well that there’s no bigger buzzkill than briefs sticking to your sweaty skin or your boxers bunching up as you hop into your tight-fitted shorts. But have no fear, our lightweight, breathable thongs will keep you comfortably cool even through the worst heatwave. And if you’re one of those who suffers from below-belt-sweat and can’t bear the thought of ill-fitting underwear that keeps moving around in the summer, our sexy new thongs will surely save the day.


They provide the perfect peek-show

Perfectly designed to keep all the goods in place, our sexy new thongs are made from mesh and polyamide and held up by a lustrous, firm yet flexible elastic waistband. Available in either a classic black or fiery orange, it’s up to you to choose how sexy you want things to get. But regardless of which color you choose (we suggest getting both - available in a 2-pack), our thongs will undoubtedly turn up the sex factor and provide the perfect peep-show in the front 🍆 and back 🍑.


They are the more hygienic and comfortable choice 

Acting as a halfway point between going commando and wearing regular underwear, if you’ve never ventured into thong territory, it’s time to get those cheeks out and give our thongs a try.

Wanna hear a secret? Studies show that thongs are actually much comfier and better for you than briefs and boxers. And believe it or not, experts say they are also the more hygienic choice. Because less fabric decreases your chance of bacteria getting trapped, which opens the door to potential odor and possible infections. 

Here’s a little story, did you know that in the past men wore jockstraps especially during sports to provide good support and prevent them from developing hernia? The same logic applies today for thongs - providing men with the right support to suit their active lifestyles, thereby keeping hernia at bay.

Needless to say, thongs give your booty a better shape in jeans and slim fitted trousers.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get those 🍑 out, whether you’re in Georgia or not! You know the drill…sun’s out buns out! 

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