5 Reasons Why Adonis Is The Best (Gay) Men’s Underwear Brand


We don’t discriminate

For us, size really is just a number. Unless it’s…. Just kidding! But no seriously, as an underwear brand that is designed to empower men to feel comfortable in their skin, our products are for every man - regardless of their size or body type.  

We realized that most men’s underwear brands, especially "gay underwear brands” don’t offer sizes larger than XL. We saw this as a huge problem and with body positivity lying at the heart of everything we do, we knew it had to be fixed ASAP. 

So, we’re making a conscious effort to make sure that all our underwear starts at size S and goes all the way up to 2XL.  


We’re a black-queer owned business

Did you know that Black-owned businesses were disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and were twice as likely as their white counterparts to close their doors? And with anti-black racism still so rampant, there’s never been a better time to support black owned businesses and if they’re black and queer then there’s really no excuse. 

We wouldn’t have Pride month if not for all the labor of the black queer and black transgender community. So spending your money (every penny truly counts) with black, gay businesses is a great way to do your part and show your support for the community.


Our customers love us 

The truth is, we wanted to help men feel sexy, empowered and confident and that’s exactly what our products do - so our customers just keep coming back and asking for more.  

From comfort and style to sex appeal and value for money our customers say we’re the best, most comfortable gay men’s underwear brand out there. 

With over 16,000+ loyal customers and close to 2500 reviews that rated us with 5 stars, we’re certain that once you go Adonis you’ll never go back. 


Our underwear lasts a lifetime

Made from the finest quality, premium fabrics and keeping your comfort and confidence in mind, all our underwear is designed to get better with every wear so they'll stay with you for years to come. 

Comfort and quality is something we are extremely passionate about so we don’t use cheap fabrics at all. All our underwear retains its shape and color regardless of how many times it's been washed, so think of it as a small investment that will have you looking and feeling sexy for years to come.


We want you to look and feel sexy

That’s our only mission. All our underwear is engineered to be the most comfortable, most flattering and most stylish men’s underwear ever.

From our gay jockstraps that perfectly lift the booty and hold all the goods in place to our perfectly contoured men’s briefs and low-rise thongs - all our underwear is designed to make you look your best and feel even better. All day, everyday. 

30 day satisfaction guarantee

If our styles didn’t make you look and feel sexy for any reason at all, just let us know and we'll send all of your money back. Yes, that’s how sure we are that you’ll love us.