7 Tips on Taking Insta-Ready Body Photos

It’s a situation we will all find ourselves in at one point or another: buying a new, sexy pair of underwear and wanting to show them off to our dedicated social media followers. However, taking a selfie nowadays is a bit of an art form and there’s a certain, shall we say, protocol when it comes to taking that perfect snap.

Fear not, as we’ve unearthed some of the most useful and perhaps lesser-known tips on taking that perfect selfie in order to let your new purchase and sexy body get the attention it so deserves.

Find your Light

Lighting can make a massive difference between a good and bad photo, so it’s important to work that natural light to your advantage. Depending on your environment, your flash could only make things worse – especially if you’re snapping away via the mirror. You want those limited edition briefs to be seen, after all.

National light is going to make you look more, well, natural, so take advantage of outdoor locations or try using indirect window light to your advantage. Taking a selfie with the sunlight behind you and using your head to block out the sun will help avoid any harsh lighting and let your body fully shine.

To get the most out of your body pics, find a well-lit room without too many reflective surfaces and distractions in the background. For mirror selfies, ensure the light is in front of you. At the end of the day, you want to be the main attraction in the photo, not that rack of towels behind you.

Know your Angles

One common misconception when it comes to selfie-taking is to take a photo from a high angle. Embrace your body and face and avoid filling that photo with empty space. Instead of tilting the angle, why not tilt your head in a direction that works to your advantage and go in closer to your body if need be.

Close-ups should be avoided, especially if you want to save space to show off all of that body. The most flattering trick, while also avoiding the sneaky close-up, is to overextend your arm and hold the camera further away than you would normally.

Spread It Good

The point of taking a good body selfie is to show off what you’re working with and to look good at the same time. Go full-steam ahead and work your body to your advantage in order to get the most out of your snap. By spreading your legs apart a little bit, you’ll create a more flattering illusion to the viewer and be able to show off that sexy jockstrap.

Don’t forget to keep your shoulders straight and relax your chest, as that’ll help to bring out the confidence throughout your snap.

Keep It Fresh

Keeping your followers in suspense as to what you’ll be wearing next is a great way to ensure you get the likes for your selfies. Mix things up on your profile by changing your poses and regularly switching between video and images.

It’s also important to find new and unique locations to take your photos, as your followers will be wondering where you’re at. Having a variety of different underwear will also help you to stay on top of trends and find different ways to subtly drop your package into your shots too. Did you know we also have a monthly underwear club? Just saying…

Say Cheese

Many people feel that looking moody is the way to a perfect selfie and while it can work for some people, it can often make you look pretentious and a bit posed.

According to science (!), selfies that make other people happy helped people feel calmer and less stressed. A Smile can also make you feel more confident, which always makes for a strong selfie game.

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Take It Easy On The Post-Production

We’re all prone to a little bit of touching up here and there, but if you’re going to apply filter after filter to your snaps then you’re going to run the risk of coming across as vain or insecure. Not only that but it’s also going to result in a photo that looks super unrealistic.

Go easy on the editing suite, and just stick to one filter that looks natural and helps show off your features best. A little bit of visual assistance is fine, but you don’t want to end up looking completely unlike your real self.

It’s Selfie Time

Now that you’re equipped with the tips and techniques you need, it’s time to get snapping away and perfect that #SexySelfie. Grab your camera, find the perfect light, and get your poses in order, and you’ll be able to showcase your sexy self perfectly.

Don’t forget to drop #AdonisByKyhry into your selfies (alongside your stunning pair of Adonis underwear, of course) and you may even see yourself featured on our Instagram page.