9 Do’s and Don'ts for a SICKENING Dating Profile

It can be tough navigating your way through the crazy world of online dating. Thanks to apps like Grindr, Tinder, Happn, and Hornet, we now have a whole selection of different platforms right by our fingertips ready when we are.

But, with so many other guys on the platform too, it can be difficult to stand out or even know the right things to say or do. We’ve spoken to two relationship experts who have helped us to crack the dating code and ensure we create the VERY BEST dating profile to secure us a date with the hottest guys around.

First things first, let’s meet the experts. Clarissa Bloom is the dating and relationship expert for Procoal, one of the world’s best-selling activated charcoal beauty brands, while Claire Certain is the head of trends at happn, the app that helps you find people you’ve crossed paths with.

Variety is the spice of life

Clarissa and Claire both stress the importance of having a variety of different pictures on your profile. “Make sure that your first picture clearly shows your face so potential connections can immediately see what you look like. Trying to work out which one you are in a group of 10 is time-consuming and annoying,” revealed Claire Certain, head of trends at Happn.

“Make sure the rest of your pictures show different sides of your personality and lifestyle: are you a traveller? A socialite? A foodie? An art lover? A pet lover? A sports person? Then don't hesitate to show it.”

Clarissa, dating and relationship expert for Procoal, added: “If you’re pulling the same face in each photo, then it can look poor for the person searching. Try to have different scenarios and locations. If you just have selfies at home then you might look vein, [while] if they’re all taken at the gym then you might be seen as a gym addict. A blend is best.”

Be sure to follow our selfie tips to ensure you take those perfect snaps of your body, too.

Get in the friend zone

You might cringe at the very thought of getting your friends to help you with your bio, but it could actually make a massive difference hearing their point of view.

Clarissa mentions that getting help from your friends will help you find out “how they see you and what your key strengths are.” Claire, meanwhile, adds that asking friends “is a particularly good idea for those who lack confidence and might not be aware of what they’ve got going for them.”

You could even get them to take your next hot profile picture, as well!


Keep it clear

Still using that killer picture from 2015? I’m afraid it’s time to bin it. You’re only setting yourself up for an awkward encounter if you’re still using outdated or unclear photos, especially if you’ve had a bit of a transformation since.

Claire believes that living in the past, or pretending to be illusive will “only have a negative effect in the long run.”

“You wouldn't like it if you’ve got yourself a date but when you meet up they look nothing like the picture on their profile. This can be very awkward, especially if someone were to bring it up.”

So, it’s time to ditch the old selfies and have yourself a photo session – put on that sexy new jock and snap away!

Be upfront about your intentions

One annoying aspect of online dating is getting to know someone and THEN realising your both after completely different things. It’s okay to admit you’re only after a hookup, but just be honest about what you’re on the look-out for.

Clarissa Bloom says that it's vital that you’re “clear who you want to meet or what character you are looking for without coming across as patronising or arrogant.” You’ll save everyone’s time by being clear from the very beginning. However, Bloom has one piece of advice that’s crucially important: “Just be careful on the wording. Be polite and focus on like-minded individuals.”

Don’t be afraid to use that eggplant emoji!

Happn’s Claire Certain insists that emojis can be pretty great ways to get the conversation going. “Emojis can be a fun way of expressing yourself that adds colour and will help describe yourself in a very visual and straightforward way.”

According to a recent survey, 64 percent of men use emojis in their dating profile compared to just a third (36 percent) of women. In case you’re wondering, the survey also found that the red heart was the most used emoji, followed by the peace sign and the winky face. Our most used emojis, however, show a different story...

“I've got a blank space, baby”

Taylor Swift may be a keen advocate of blank spaces but, it turns out that the rest of us aren’t such big fans. Having a messy profile can be enough to turn anyone off, so make sure you keep an eye out for any typos and unnecessary gaps.

Procoal’s Clarissa Bloom told us that blank spaces on profiles “instantly creates a negative emotion for anyone reading, as they will assume you are only half-heartedly interested in creating the profile and you’re not truly looking for someone.”

So, yeah, take a bit of time on creating your profile and make sure you put some passion into it. Speaking of passion, why not feel the sexiness with our collection of briefs?

Think about your headline

For some apps, the headline will be the first thing people see of you alongside your photo so it’s important to ensure you make a good impression. Try and add a bit of personality in order to stand out from the crowd, and show off your fun side.

Clarissa told us that one of her favorite headlines was ‘I can win Connect 4 in 3 goes,’ because “it looks silly, shows a sense of humor and is something that someone can easily start a conversation about.”

If you make the effort, people will notice. Clarissa added that “people read through almost identical profiles reading the same lines about what people want hoping to find a diamond in the rough. Well make sure you are that diamond.

“Make a joke or simply write something that avoids the clichés.”

Don’t be too mysterious

For some reason, in 2018, people still believe it’s acceptable to not include a photo of themselves in their dating profile. Why so mysterious?

Claire told us that “people need to know quickly what they could share with you, like hobbies, passions, lifestyle, so too much mystery is not the best option. Give your potential connections something to start a conversation with. If you aren’t comfortable with describing you, use music or visual ways to do so.”

Apps like Tinder and Happn, allow you to incorporate your Spotify into your profile. Even a simple thing as including that in your profile could allow people to get a sense of what you’re into and it could serve as the perfect ice-breaker.

Lastly, be yourself!

So many people try to create a false illusion of themselves online. Amplifying what you think is popular may get you more conversations, but you’ll soon realize that playing along isn’t all it’s made up to be.

Be honest from the get-go, and it’ll be easier to find a connection with someone who has similar tastes and interests to you. Claire tells us: “Everyone is different and to write a great profile, individuality is key. Just make sure your personality shines through whether that’s through any light-hearted jokes you make, your pictures, or your passions.

“Really think about what defines you, what you enjoy doing most of all and what it is you’re looking for in a partner.”

And there you have it. Adding a bit of personality can do you a world of good. Why not match your personality up with your perfect pair of underwear, eh?

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