Our Favorite Guys Showing Off Their Adonis Underwear on Instagram

Last year was an interesting year, to say the least… Besides the politics, society, and everything else in-between, it was actually a great year for LGBTQ+ representation and expressionism.

Speaking of which, a lot of you have been sharing your sexy selfies with us over on Instagram using our ever-popular #AdonisByKyhry tag. We thought it was only fair that we gave you a little bit of exposure and to show our thanks for supporting us over the past year.

So, without further ado, here are just a handful of some of our favorite guys that have been sporting their Adonis Underwear on Instagram over the last twelve months.

Roly | @iamrolyv.official

Roly is a model and social media influencer, with almost 13k followers on Instagram. Thankfully for us, he certainly likes to show off his perfect body and it’s not something we’re ever going to complain about.

We’d sure like a mug of freshly brewed coffee in the morning served up this way…

Get the look: Roly is sporting the Perfect Fit Green Jock. The bright green is enough to catch any eye, with the support and style providing the comfort you need to feel great.

Kal El King

It’s a look that is dangerously tough to resist… Snakeskin underwear with a tattooed bod. Instagrammer Kal El King showed us not one but three shots of him wearing his pair of Adonis and it sure got us rattling in our cage.

The model and artist was seen sporting Adonis Underwear in this photoshoot by Marc Gray, with followers on Instagram commenting that it’s an ‘amazing shot’ and we certainly agree.

Get the look: Kal is wearing the Snakeskin Black and White Brief. It’s sexy and daring, with a little bit of a wild side.

Cuerpo Bom Bom | @cuerpo_bom_bom

Well, what can we really say. The username fits this snap perfectly, bom bom indeed.

The Houston-based Instagrammer has over 3k followers and when we shared this cheeky photo of the star in his latest pair of Adonis, we got well over 1,000 likes.

Get the Look: CBB is wearing our cheeky Bottomless Blue Brief. Designed to perfectly showcase your assets, they will make you look and feel sexy.

Dexter | @thugvatic

Hailing from New Jersey, singer and songwriter Dexter has it all: the voice, the body, and the pair of Adonis.

Featuring a cheeky snap of the band, this video is a little tease from the Instagrammer with over 4k likes. We definitely approve this look, and so did you as more than 650 of you liked this snippet.

Get the look: Dexter is wearing our stunning yet naughty Double-Strap Blue Jock/Thong. Blue not your color? Fear not, as this style is also available in yellow.

Zaddy and Boy | @Zaddyandboy

Lace has never looked so sexy…

With more than 4.3k followers on Twitter, we’re sure this bouncy booty got plenty of likes. Flaunting his perfectly toned and tattooed bod, we reckon that Zaddy is a very lucky man indeed.

Get the look: This guy is wearing the Limited Edition Sheer Lace Boxer Trunk. Made almost entirely of sheer lace, this pair offers a lustrous style like no other and will make you feel on a whole other level of sexiness.

Tyrone | @TyroneWells

How could we not include the stud that is Tyrone Wells? Earlier this year, Tyrone teamed up with Adonis Underwear for a photoshoot with his partner Johnnell Terrell.

The series of photos, taken by photographer Elvis Piedra, continues to cause a bit of a stir online for their steaminess. This one, in particular, has seen over 1,400 likes… Wow.

Get the look: Tyrone is wearing the attention-grabbing Perfect Fit Purple Jock. Featuring a stunning combination of purple and yellow, it’s a bright pair to start your year demanding eyes on you.

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