Want To Be Featured On Our Instagram?

We know more than anyone else just how great it feels when you buy yourself a sexy new pair of underwear. It’s only inevitable that you’ll want to show everything off, which is why our Instagram page is so popular...

ICYMI (In case you missed it 😉), we share some of the hottest and sexiest snaps on our Instagram of our amazing customers in their latest pair of #AdonisByKyhry. You may even get featured in one of our latest blogs too (like this one)! Want to join them? Course you do.

We’ve been asked a lot about how to get featured on our Instagram page but it’s actually a really easy process – the only real requirement is that you must be sporting a pair of Adonis (because, of course).

To make things as easy as possible and to help you get those likes, here’s what you need to do to be considered:

  1. Follow @adonisbykyhry
  2. Get snapping and tag your sexy selfie with #AdonisByKyhry so we can find you. We’ve rounded up some sure-fire selfie tips here to help you take that STUNNING photo.
  3. And that’s it - keep an eye on our feed to see if you get featured!

Unfortunately, we can’t feature every single #AdonisByKyhry snap but you’ll still get noticed just by using the hashtag. Be sure to read our selfie tips to ensure your selfie is in good condition as we can’t share any low-quality photos, so make sure you get that lighting in perfect order before snapping away!

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Head to our Instagram page right now to check out our latest #AdonisByKyhry cover boys.